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Why Education Is Important For Career

Changing patterns of education and work globally allow it to be significant that every school pupil has access to guidance and career education that’s future personalised and focused. This has immediate and long-term benefits for all individuals. Pupils need to learn plans which will equip them to plan and handle career pathways and their learning.

Getting qualities and knowledge for future career

This learning will lead pupils to gaining principles, qualities, and values important for good career. Guidance and career education is an element of each school’s provision of a balanced and rich instruction. It encourages and helps students to make decisions. In addition, it aims to develop management competencies that will equip pupils to handle their livelihood and opportunities in career.

Recent experience in universities demonstrates that career education strategies in schools have impact. There is clear evidence that pupils who understand the significance of school to careers and their lives, feel motivated. Career preparation helps to make connections with people who can help in building career. Teachers who’re aware of their students potential pathways approach, teach with an enhanced consciousness of their pupils’ future needs and of the relationship between a college-based program and the world beyond a school.

Fulfil pupils’ potential for career

To enable all students to realize their own full potential as individuals, and to build up the values necessary to become full members of society, it’s necessary to build knowledge, understanding, and skills required to compete successfully in the modern, ever changing world.

Schools need to provide appropriate career instruction and advice for all pupils in year 7 and above. It should be done with a particular emphasis on specific career advice for those pupils who have been identified by a school as being at risk of leaving a school unprepared for the transition into a workplace or further education/training. Pupils need to be well-informed and encouraged to successfully pursue their own lifelong learning pathways.

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